31 Days for the Ladies



Day 1: Thank You, Shapewear

Day 2: Anne Askew

Day 3: Career Women

Day 5: Francine Rivers

Day 6: White Lightning

Day 7: Carol Burnett

Day 8: Thank You, Cosmetics Companies

Day 10: Chronic Squad

Day 11: Different Kind of Woman

Day 12: Phyllis Wheatley

Day 13: Necessary Interaction

Day 14: Anita Renfroe

Day 15: Thank You, Headbands

Day 16: Katherine Parr

Day 17: The SAHMs

Day 19: Neta Jackson

Day 20: Soul Food

Day 21: Chonda Pierce

Day 22: Thank You, Eyebrows

Day 23: Catherine Booth

Day 24: Church Crew

Day 25: Without Fear

Day 26: Anne Bradstreet

Day 27: Fangirls

Day 28: Gracie Allen

Day 29: Thank You, Shaving

Day 31: Mold-Breakers


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