31 Days for the Ladies: Career Women

31 Days Big

Gentle Reader,

You slap the “snooze” button with a moan.

Just five more minutes, please.

The blaring beast assaults your senses what seems like mere seconds later. You silence the clamor, knowing it will only be satisfied by you leaving the comfort and safety of the cotton sheets that wound themselves around your legs like some torture device in the middle of the night. Your stubbly legs. You’ll wear pants today. Shaving is stupid.

The moment your feet hit the floor, you kick into high gear. The manly one snores on. You contemplate smothering him with a pillow, enraged at the unfairness. Why does he get to sleep later? Right. You have to apply your warpaint. He just has to rake some deodorant through his beard.

Shower. Hairstyle. (Possibly an updo, with the assistance of a plastic chip-clip). Clothes. Are they clean? Maybe. They don’t smell, so who cares? The make-up. Will it come through on its promise to smooth your skin and hide your eye bags and make all the wrinkles disappear?

No such luck.

Cup of coffee. Bowl of cereal. Get the kid or kids going. Or no kids. Pet the dog. Or the cat. Straighten the living room. Get something out to thaw for dinner. Chicken. It’s easy. Purse. Keys. Cell phone. Travel mug (more coffee; you’re only human). Coat and scarf if it’s cold. Sunglasses. Step out the door. Turn the lock. Settle into the driver’s seat.

Lawyers and teachers and cashiers. Farmers and police officers and librarians. Customer service agents and nurses and tech support. Mail carriers and salespeople and waitresses. Dentists and photographers and maids. Chefs and truck drivers and boat captains. Secretaries and CEOs and daycare workers.

All of the women in all of the jobs doing all of the things.

You are amazing and tough. You do what you love. Or you do what you can. To support families. To do good in the world.

Career women, I salute thee.

My journey to faith. (15)

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8 thoughts on “31 Days for the Ladies: Career Women

  1. Ha! I get up long before my wife (anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour-and-a-half during the week). The “manly one” does not snore on.

    That said, my wife works extremely hard at her job and numerous side jobs, plus volunteering, while also keeping our family going so yes, it’s hard to be a woman.

    On the other hand, the Bible describes a woman of valor in Proverbs 31.



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