Author: Marie Gregg

My name is Marie Gregg and I’m not an expert. In anything. I’m simply here to share the journey with you. And this journey? It can be rough, full of things like disappointments, hardships, sorrow. But it can also be amazing, full of beauty and joy. We swing on the pendulum between the rough and the amazing. And so I write about the swinging. I write about my weakness, my struggles with anxiety and chronic liver disease, my imperfections, and my deep need for Jesus.

* * * * * * * *

After studying journalism for three years and discovering that I did not want to be wedded to feverish deadlines, I took a break from school, eventually graduating from Regent University with an undergraduate degree in theology. In January 2019, I entered into youth ministry, never expecting to fall in love so quickly with 30-plus students. A few months later, I finally surrendered to God calling me into vocational ministry, and began pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree at Nazarene Theological Seminary. I have no idea where this road will lead me; all I can do is be faithful in there here-and-now.

When I’m not doing homework, which is basically never when one is in seminary, there’s nothing I like better than hanging out with my husband, Chris, and our two dogs, Abbey Road and Eleanor Rigby. Other than that, you’ll find me studying Scriptures (big Bible nerd here), ministering with and to middle- and high-school students, organizing whatever needs organized, baking, gardening, hiking, enjoying time with friends and family, watching funny movies, and sleeping as much as I possibly can.

Nobody is meant to go it alone. Let’s travel together.

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