Submissions Wanted

The Wednesday Writers

This space is open on Wednesdays for anyone who wants to share. The guidelines are simple:

  1. Read my statement of faith. If you’re on board (reasonable disagreement allowed), then…
  2. Write about whatever you want and…
  3. Use as many words as you want. Then…
  4. Send it to me via the contact page.

That’s it.

The point is to celebrate the joy of writing, support fauthors and foster conversation. We live in a time when echo chambers are the norm. We need diversity. We need to be challenged. We need to think. We need to learn how to interact with each other in grace and kindness.

May The Wednesday Writers be encouraging, enlightening and entertaining.

Previous Contributors

Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

Lesley Crawford

Tara Ulrich

Jennifer Hoffer

Lisa Brittain

Carol Emmert

Cody Neal

Tezlyn Reardon

Stephanie Thompson

Carol Graft

 Stephanie Thompson (Again)