31 Days for the Ladies: Introduction

31 Days Big

Gentle Reader,

Greetings and welcome to the 2015 edition of 31 Days!

This is my fourth year taking on the challenge to write every day throughout the month of October. Each year has been, without fail, simultaneously frustrating and a grand good time. Those of us who are compelled to scribble certainly do so as often as possible, but it’s mighty hard to let a lot of it see the light of day. We like time. We like editing. 31 Days? It’s quick and often quite messy.

I am encouraged and inspired by the incredible wordsmiths who press through the sloppiness and the nerves and click that “publish” button clear up until the stroke of midnight on the last night of the challenge. Today’s internet culture may have its drawbacks, but the blogging community isn’t one of them. I have yet to come across someone who isn’t cheering on his or her fellow authors. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

In the past I have written about quietness, bravery and Jesus. This year I’ve decided to celebrate women. That’s right! It’s a month-long party for the ladies, using the following schedule –

Monday Marks: Women of Letters

Tuesday Tales: Of the Feminine Variety

Wednesday Wiggles: Funny Ladies

Thursday Thanks: a Little Sarcasm

Friday Faithfuls: Women Leaders

Saturday Salutes: Ordinary Women

Sunday Stillness: Words to Ponder

A little serious and a little silly. A little thoughtful and a little funny. (But never fear, men who might be reading this! You won’t be totally left out. Consider this series a way to get some insight into the ladies of your life).

And because this is a party, we need some music:

You, dear lady, are beautiful. Stunning. Precious. Intelligent. Hilarious. Empowered. Gifted. Called. Strong. Chosen. Beloved. Accepted. Redeemed.

My journey to faith. (15)

For all entries in the 31 Days for the Ladies series, go here.


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