Five Minute Friday: Test


Gentle Reader,

No fanfare tonight. Just creepy clowns who deserve to be punched in the face and coffee from Luke’s Diner. Kate says: test.


Tonight, my eyes, they droop
Tonight, my shoulders stoop

Breath, deep, slow, in and out
As sleep around me creeps about

Tonight, my body feels the strain
Tonight, the ache, the wearied drain

Lashes flutter against my cheeks
The pull of dreams, whispers, creaks

Tonight, so many roads to go
Tonight, a spin of questions flow

But for now, hit pause and rest
Tomorrow return to bittersweet test




12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Test

  1. Strangely enough, I thought it was going to be about creepy clowns. I actually wrote a short fiction (mild horror) piece on my “Powered by Robots” blog, but I’d hardly call it uplifting. 😉


  2. I know you are feeling this physically along with mentally and emotionally but I can relate to this mentally and emotionally right now. Beautifully true! thank you for writing it so well for the rest of us who agrees.


  3. “But for now, hit pause and rest
    Tomorrow return to bittersweet test”

    Great words for me to end my night. Tomorrow is upon me, but pause and rest, I must.



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