31 Days of Cheering Them On: Five Minute Writers


Gentle Reader,

This week I am privileged to cheer on the folks who have taken on the “five minute” twist to 31 Days. Christina Hubbard provides the prompts. The bloggers provide the unique, wonderful perspective. I chose each of the below at random; none is more significant than the others. Away we go.


A feeling of spring
has for some time
weighed anchor at the base of her soul…

Prayers on the Wing


I will be the first to admit that I do not feel very courageous at times. I need to remember that God promises that He goes with us every step of the way. He has not left me or forsaken me and He promises that He never will…

– Musings of a Wife and Mom


The apples were perfect. Crisp and juicy and smelling of crushed leaves and wood smoke in the hills. As I stood on the teetering ladder, dropping them into my bag, I thought of how my grandparents met, picking apples in Western Oregon…

Marcy Hanson


There our clothes hang like papel picado (perforated paper), across the clothesline, in our backyard. The sun grips the fabric desperate to start a fire…

Carolina Cisneros


I am learning to walk each day with Jesus. Right now my walk with Him feels like He’s doing most of the work as I lean on Him for His strength…

– Lens and Pens


We have paintings of jazz clubs, restaurants, swamps, log cabins, large Live Oaks, streets in the French Quarter, Fleur de Lis, and even fish.  When I look at a painting of a swamp, with the massive cypress trees holding up a host of moss, I am transported to this magical place…

Kelsey Townsend-Remmelts


Rather then rest being the stopping of walking or moving, maybe it is just the opposite side of the coin – the completion of the cycle which began with the movement…

Inspire to Simple


The same God who’s painted the canvas of creation with breathtaking grandeur, calls me and you His masterpieces. I find a great deal of comfort and grace in that…

Valerie Jones

Thank you, brave writers who set the timer and spin gold out of straw, for sharing your words with us!


For all entries in the 31 Days of Cheering Them On series, go here.


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