Brother Come Close, Sister Draw Near

Gentle Reader,

You would not know it upon a glance
But there’s buzzing in my head

A tingle, shiver, crawls up my spine
And I’m filled with darkest dread

Strive to keep my face serene
Arranged along calmest lines

But know when I respond to you
That I’m really not always “fine”

There’s walking wounded all around
And me, I know that crowd

Not too proud to tell you this
Tho ’tis done with head that’s bowed

Yes, I believe in the healing touch
Of God who reigns on high

But His work in us, it is not done,
Without a struggle or a sigh

Groping about on this earth,
Half-blinded, struggling to see

What to do in the midst of fear
That’s wailing like a banshee

His voice is quiet, speaking peace
I must lean close and listen

That I might choose the better path
And in holiness be christen

There are many other roads
To the right and to the left

Roads I’d frankly rather walk
Than this, with all its theft

But they lead not to God above
As Christian learned in olden tale

And so step on, is what I must
Tho the Devil does assail

Do it afraid, that is my choice
None other can I make

Do it despite, that is the call
Even when my heart does ache

Christ promised trouble in this world
And He spoke not single lie

But He also promised, sure and true
To be near when all does go awry

And so tho I may not be fine
Engaged in unseen war each day

From my God I will not turn
From my Savior ne’er will stray

Thus all that I ask of you
Who read these simple lines

Is that you might come to notice
The strain and struggle’s signs

For I need you, as you need me
We journey through together

Not just on sunny mountaintops
But in the stormy weather

So take my hand, and I’ll take yours
We’ll press along, holding fast

I’ll see you, and you’ll see me
The masks we wear, off cast

Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters.

– Romans 12:10a (CSB)