Five Minute Friday: Simplify


Gentle Reader,

Heavy, wet snow falling from the gray sky all day. Grateful for my cozy home.

Kate says: simplify.


Simplify my view of self
Simplify my view of others
Simplify, cleanse my heart
Simplify, clean my mind
Simplify, open my ears

God, break me from the dumb
Keep me from raising thumb
To nose to dismiss the wise
Those who possess the clearer eyes
To see the things that I cannot
The treasured sins that stink with rot
Open my ears to hear their caution
Pull the plug on pride I’m awash in
Dear Jesus, cut me off at the knees
If such pain is what it takes to please
You – Your fame, Your Name, Your flame
Eject me from unholy game
Humble me, give me pie to eat
Then hold me down upon this seat
Close to You, hearing You, feeling You
Heart change, no analytical review
Take from me this soul of stone
Kick me off of golden throne
Lord, You know that I’m so weak
Prone to tears, fits of pique
Throwing things and blinding rage
Lacking firm ability to gauge
When it’s true and when it’s deception
Too wrapped up in preconception
God, use the the stuff that does annoy
The foolishness in me, to destroy




Five Minute Friday: Play

Along the Way @

Gentle Reader,

Apropos of nothing, a little poem I wrote the other night:

Mountain and meadow,
Sunlight and shadow,
All made to glorify Thee

Birds here, beasts there
Fauna tall, flora fair
Every one singing of Thee

Child’s laugh to old man’s sigh
Calendar pages flying by
Humanity aching for Thee

It’s the five-minute flash write with the fabulous people. We: play.


All these pretty happy shiny people with their pretty shiny happy Instagram posts, loving summer.

My disdain for you knows no bounds.

That’s not really true. There are people for all seasons and seasons for all people. This isn’t mine. Which is odd. Because I was born in August. The hottest month of the year around these parts.

Summer is the time for extroverts, I think. They get to go out and play in all the groups with all the noise and all the mess. Me? I’m sitting inside, by my air conditioning unit, sulking. Waiting ever-so-impatiently for late September and the slide into non-tortuous temperatures. For rain and boots and scarves and crisp mornings that beckon one out into the glorious, changing expanse.

I hate summer. People get depressed in winter; me, I feel low in the haze and the heat. Yes, I’ll go play with you for awhile. I’ll swim or enjoy a ride in a boat. I’ll certainly eat ice cream. I do love to garden. But after an hour – I’m done. It’s over. I’m sweating and sticky and my facial expression is involuntary, major side-eye. The great she-crab just wants to retreat into her shell. (Do crabs do that? Probably not).

How glad I am, as Anne Shirley was, that we live in a world where October exists.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do
‘Cause there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

– Cochran & Capehart



Five Minute Friday: Test


Gentle Reader,

No fanfare tonight. Just creepy clowns who deserve to be punched in the face and coffee from Luke’s Diner. Kate says: test.


Tonight, my eyes, they droop
Tonight, my shoulders stoop

Breath, deep, slow, in and out
As sleep around me creeps about

Tonight, my body feels the strain
Tonight, the ache, the wearied drain

Lashes flutter against my cheeks
The pull of dreams, whispers, creaks

Tonight, so many roads to go
Tonight, a spin of questions flow

But for now, hit pause and rest
Tomorrow return to bittersweet test



Five Minute Friday: Hide

My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen

Gentle Reader,

Not gonna lie. I’m really tired.

And I’m thinking about that in connection to our prompt.

Kate. The gang. We: hide.


Under Your Wings”

Jesus, let me feel the feathers

Soft against my face

Lighten now my weary load

And gently slow my frantic pace

Let me cry my tears there

Wrapped in Your wings of love

Let me drop my burdens now

Safe in strong arms above

Gather me now to Your heart

Just like a Father dear

Lean down to smile upon me

Whisper, “You’ve nothing left to fear.”


My journey to faith. (15)