31 Days in the Quiet: Anyway


Gentle Reader,

Recently a situation was brought to my attention, a situation about which the person involved asked for prayer. I confess my skepticism. There is a long history of exaggeration and occasional outright-lying. I wondered why I should or how I could possibly pray when the facts presented may not be the facts at all.

I thought that I wouldn’t pray. The motives of the person may not have been right.

And then the Spirit was all, “Pray anyway.”

I’ve never seen a burning bush and God certainly doesn’t speak to me in a audible voice. Being the timid type of person I am, I’m sure that He doesn’t reveal Himself in this way because I would absolutely freak out. He does, however, very clearly speak to my soul – especially when I have a bad attitude.

The person might be exaggerating or lying. I don’t know. If so, then prayer is needed. If not, then prayer is needed. Only God knows the full truth. All I can do is obey.

My journey to faith. (15)

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3 thoughts on “31 Days in the Quiet: Anyway

  1. Awesome! Yes … we are to pray anyway. Each of us are called to intercession and we must pray. Ours is not to question, or judge, it is to interceed … the rest is for God.
    Loved you post. I’m adding it to my second list of 31 days of Bloggers!
    Thanks for this. I will be reading more.



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