The Place to Start

Gentle Reader,

It’s all about the resolutions.

And not keeping them.

Usually, I make a list of things that I want to work on throughout the year. On December 31, these resolutions all look so bright and promising. I can do it! By mid-afternoon of January 1, I have forgotten all about my oh-so-noble goals.

This year, I tried a different tactic. Instead of determining to change this or that thing in my life, I asked God to show me things that He wanted to work on in me. (I’m sure that someone else invented this way of approaching a task, but I have to tell you that I find it quite revolutionary). What did He tell me?

Memorize Scripture and pray.


Two things that I’m pretty much a massive failure at.

Isn’t it funny how we (at least, I assume you have this problem, too), can go along in our Christian lives and never really be plugged in to the Source of our faith? We can say all the right things, believe all the right things – and yet never really get anywhere. The reason that this problem exists, at least for me, is that there’s a serious lack of communication. Talking to God becomes a last resort, and cracking open that Bible? Let along memorizing something?

Sheesh. Isn’t faith supposed to be easy?

Such simple things, to memorize a few lines and to make a habit of talking to the Creator. Why do I make them so difficult?

I lack faith.

Faith is all about the trustworthiness of another’s character. The real truth is that I often doubt that He has the answers. So I muddle along, trying to make my own way, mostly making a mess of things. And why? Why do that when I have the solution right at my fingertips all along?

In the straightforwardness of my glaring need, I have a realization. We can make all the plans about weight loss, laying aside our addictions, becoming a nicer person, but none of it will matter unless we are maintaining a steady flow of listening and speaking. Listening to His direction, reading what He has to say, and telling Him when we feel lost, confused, or when we messed up.

I’m only going to conquer my anger issues by being steeped in His presence.

I’m only going to be able to combat lies if I know the truth.

I’m only going to be as loving as I allow myself to be loved.

The place to start? God. Just God.

It’s that simple.



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