The One Hundred Sixteen Day of 2023

Gentle Reader,

As you read this I am on a plane headed toward Kansas City, Missouri and my last three days as a student at Nazarene Theological Seminary. I am probably staring straight ahead, hoping that the stranger to my left doesn’t strike up a conversation. Probably also trying to squash the nagging fear in the back of my mind that this two-ton sardine can is being held aloft by black magic and we’re sure to fall from the sky at any second.

But mostly, I am amazed by the faithfulness of God. Going back to school in your mid-thirties is rarely, if ever, easy. Going back to school in your mid-thirties during an historical moment of political and social upheaval, followed by a global pandemic and months of being trapped in your house, followed by leaving the church you’ve been in for over a decade…is a lot.

There were many days I wanted to quit. Thought that I simply couldn’t do it. The pain of all the other things, other changes, was too much. I couldn’t handle copious amounts of reading and writing along with the sorrow and anxiety. But then I’d wake up the next morning, and know I had to keep going.

And now the end is not near, it’s here. (All you Elder Millennials who were cool enough to watch The O.C. will get that reference).

By the grace of God I cross the finish line. By the power of the Holy Spirit I have jumped every hurdle. The One who began a good work in me has seen this phase through to completion.

Glory to God.

No words from me next week. I’ll be enjoying some time away with my husband. See you in mid-May.


Image Courtesy of Albert Vincent Wu


2 thoughts on “The One Hundred Sixteen Day of 2023

  1. Dear sweet Marie, we are beyond excited for you and what you have accomplished even when there were days you didn’t feel like you could do this. God knew (and so did we) and that’s why HE called you. Know that we love you very much, are happy the “end is here” and pray you and Chris will have much time to relax and just “be together”. Looking forward to your first post in mid-May! Much love and all glory to God!



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