Five Minute Friday: Build

Gentle Reader,

Spent last night at a middle school basketball game. Brought back memories of my own years playing the game. Always had fun, but I was never good. Glad I discovered that my talents lay elsewhere. It’s easy to get over the disappointment of not being a great athlete when you busy yourself by being in plays and writing for the school newspaper.

Kate says: build.


Do you wanna build a snowman?

I don’t know how much of the white stuff we’ve gotten today, but it’s been coming down for hours. The big, fluffy flakes that are beautiful at Christmas but annoying by February. Long, heavy icicles dangle from the tree just outside the window, breaking off every so often, disappearing into the drift below. The few hardy birds that stick around during the winter months circle above, searching for something. Both of my dogs alternate between sighing and snoring, bored with being cooped up in the house but unable to fight the urge to sleep the hours away.

Can’t blame them. Feeling drowsy myself.

I wonder about my pioneer ancestors, the ones who trekked across the country in the hopes of making a better life for themselves. Their moments of stir-craziness must have been worse than ours. Granted, much of their time was taken up with simply surviving, but still. And for them, not a soul for miles around, the lowing of cattle too stupid to take shelter in a barn the only break in the silence.

Normally, I love silence. I love having the space to breathe and think. But at this point in the season, it’s just oppressive. Almost as if the snow wants to smother us.

Yet, for all my crankiness, it’s still a wonder to me that each flake is unique.

With that, my thoughts turn. Are there seasons in Heaven? What kind of home is God building for us there? Will I have the greenhouse I currently long for, filled with lovely flowers and the freshest fruits and vegetables?

When I think on that…maybe the snow’s not so bad. Maybe it’s still beautiful. Maybe it’s still a wonderful expression of God’s great creativity.

Maybe I can go ahead and be grateful for this moment.



14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Build

  1. Beautiful! It was forty below zero this morning and without electricity for about an hour. I’m thankful for workers who got the power restored quickly. And when the weather warms up even just a little, I’ll be grateful for that too. Great reminder friend! I’m in the 22 spot this week.


  2. Interesting question…are there seasons in Heaven?

    I think yes, and much more.

    There’s an ER in Heaven
    just inside the Pearly Gates
    that sees a patient-leaven
    of angels crashed on roller skates.
    There’s a lot of bloodshed,
    broken limbs, concussions too,
    for what fun’s a bobsled
    that sticks to the track like glue?
    Bodies flying through the air
    without the gift of wings
    so God’s got to prepare
    with bandages and things.
    We’ll have died, so nothing kills,
    but what’s eternity without the thrills?


  3. “Are there seasons in heaven?” Interesting question- I haven’t thought about that before. We haven’t had much snow yet this year but last year we got a lot at the start of March. I agree, it’s pretty at Christmas but not so much fun later on. There is definitely a lot to be said for finding gratitude in the moment even when it’s not what we would have chosen.


    1. Lesley, I have to tell you that your writing has encouraged me so often to seek God’s perspective and be thankful, even when I don’t want to. I’m so glad that we connected across all the miles!

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  4. I have often wondered about seasons in Heaven:) I like to tell everyone (as I cling to the thought myself) “well, at least there won’t be snow in Heaven!” But I really have no idea. If there is snow – no doubt, I will love it. Imagine that!!:!:)



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