(Belated) Five Minute Friday: Share


Gentle Reader,

Missed the whole thing last week. Instead of tip-tapping my way across the keyboard, I wrangled teenagers, which is a bit like giving a bunch of dogs a bath. (You think cats are harder to bathe? You’ve never met my dogs). Our church recently became part of the Family Promise network and the youth group wanted to be part of the overnight team, making themselves available to serve the two families who lived in Sunday School rooms for a week.

I think I fell asleep around midnight. I definitely woke up just after 3:00 a.m. Friday morning.


Kate says: share.


So we did that. I was proud of the teens; they jumped in and played with the kids who have no say in their living situation. Lots of hugs and giggles were shared. Jenga towers fell and ping-pong balls zoomed across the table. Then they all crashed and slept straight through blaring cell phone alarms, leaving Chris and I no choice but to rouse them with the infamous screaming goat video.

I needed a nap. I wanted a nap. I planned for a nap.

I got no nap.

And that was no good, because Friday night was another overnighter. (No, we didn’t plan this well). At 9:00 p.m., the twelve-passenger van packed tightly with bodies, backpacks and snacks sped toward the University of Idaho for seven hours of fun and games. We joked and scream-sang the whole way. Thankfully, I did not have to stay up all night. Instead, as the driver, I got to take the van, that I had never driven before, to a cheap hotel, that I had never stayed at, in which I would stay and hardly sleep due to the…exuberant festivities of the college students all around me.

I’m paying for it now. Back hurts. Head aches. Sleep schedule completely thrown. Too old and uncool for this.

Coffee is my BFF right now. Don’t try to separate us.

I’ll do it again because I’m so glad I got to share in those experiences. Don’t believe the bad hype about Generation Z. They’re cool people.




4 thoughts on “(Belated) Five Minute Friday: Share

    1. I’m the worst at responding to comments these days!

      I learned the hard way that I’m too old to sleep on church chairs. Everyone else had a mattress. Next time, one of those lean young things is going to get the uncomfortable spot.


  1. Visiting you from FMF (where I was even later than you). I love how you honestly shared how much of a sacrifice it was to be with these young people, but in the end you showed your heart by saying how cool they are.
    Our young adult sons (gen X? what is gen Z? I’m too “old” to keep track!), feel that their generation isn’t respected, and I suspect that’s true to some extent. Although we don’t always love and approve of all they stand for, we need to recognize the gifts and strengths of each generation. We also need to look at people as individuals and not lump them in with generalized groups.
    Thanks for the reminder that each one is loved by God and special. I hope you got a good nap. 🙂


    1. So sorry to be answering you this late!

      “We also need to look at people as individuals and not lump them in with generalized groups.”

      That is a fantastic reminder, one I definitely needed tonight. Thank you!



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