Five Minute Friday: Vacation


Gentle Reader,

My mom is gone this week, visiting family. I’ve been tasked with checking in on her dog, who hates everyone. No, he really does. He’s a Pomeranian, a breed known for fiercely bonding to one human and one human only. That’s exactly what this pipsqueak has done. He’s practically beside himself with grief but he won’t let anyone comfort him. Instead, he tries to bite all of us.

Kate says: vacation.


We didn’t go on vacation often when I was a child. The money just wasn’t available for stuff like that. So, when my mom sensed that we were all getting tired and stress out, she would declare a “vacation day.” The phone would be unplugged, chores would be ignored, naps were encouraged. We would watch old movies (if my dad got to choose, usually a John Wayne flick) and have picnics on the living room floor. If the “vacation day” occurred during winter, sometimes she would crank up the thermostat so we could all walk around in shorts and pretend that spring, rather than another blizzard, was just around the corner.

I didn’t know it then, but my mom was making the most out of what we had. She found ways to turn cabin fever or the inability to play due to sunburns into something fun. Laying on the floor eating a fudgesicle. Playing checkers with my brother, classical music playing (which prompted us to dramatically narrate our games). On warm, clear nights, sitting on a blanket in the front yard, watching the stars while the crickets chirped and the frogs croaked.

Simple. Unrushed.

What I also didn’t know is that she was actively modeling Sabbath rest. Now, as an adult, it’s extremely important to me to get away from the usual from time to time, even if it’s just by closing off the laptop and refusing to do more than read a book for a few hours. Doing so allows my brain to ooze out my ear, the grotesque phrase that I like to use when I’m feeling overwhelmed and need to disengage. Strangely, and probably by design, some of my best thinking and processing occurs when I’m not focused on anything in particular.

Get away this weekend. You don’t have to go far. You don’t even have to leave your house. Just do something fun and restorative. The options are only as limited as your imagination.




7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Vacation

  1. Love this! My sister is currently on her way to my house for the weekend. I love how creative your mom was when you were young. Sometimes we just need a little Sabbath, don’t we?! I’m in the 24 spot this week.


    1. We absolutely need a little Sabbath! I’m glad that God knew our limitations as people and built rest into His way of life. If only we could learn to follow it completely… Hope you had a great visit!


  2. My understanding is back in the day, this was the sort of Shabbat Christians would celebrate (Utah still has a lot of Sunday closures other states used to), but we’ve gotten away from that. Observant Jews still have a “turn all the tech off” Shabbat, but a lot of other practices go with it I don’t believe ever made it into Christian praxis (such as no igniting a flame, which is applied to not turning on lights, even by opening the refrigerator door, no cooking or even heating coffee or tea, etc…)
    That actually sounds like a lovely practice and it probably made a lot of warm, fun memories.


    1. One of my favorite memories is of all four of us lounging in the living room, watching “McClintock.” It was snowing heavily outside and my brother and I just really couldn’t handle building another fort or snowman. Another good memory is when we nearly had KFC for Thanksgiving because an ice storm swept in and the power was out for hours.

      Isn’t living in Idaho fun? 😉

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