Five Minute Friday: Park


Gentle Reader,

Heavy eyes tonight.

Kate says: park.


Pull into the driveway. Put the car in park. Turn off the ignition.

A moment of silence.

Go inside. Drop lunch box, purse, keys on the table. Look out the back window, beyond the rain. See the trees, blurred like a Monet painting. Colors blend and shift and fade.

I forget, sometimes, that I’m sick. A string of good days, good weeks even, come and I push myself. Beyond what I should. Beyond what I can. Like the car, I must turn my engine off. Let myself park.

Sink into the rest that the world says must not be.

Stress lurks around every corner. Pulses on every screen. Unplug. Turn off. Watch the trees. Slip underneath blanket and sigh, knowing that tomorrow will come with all its pressing concerns, yet in this right now, content.




11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Park

  1. What an interesting way in using this word. I hope that are time of “parking” is beneficial for you and you feel encouraged and loved more by God. I know those moments of rest, He always make Himself available. Hoping for the best for friend


  2. Ahhh, Marie. I”m so sorry you’re so weary. We all need to park our bodies at some point in time. I’m nearing it, simply because my days have held so much. We need rest, plain and simple. May you find it this weekend, my fiend.


  3. I enjoy the way you used this word and yet I know that it is a painful use of it. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with something lingering like so.
    I hope you get to park and rest a bit this weekend.

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  4. Even though you describe such weariness, I love the visual of a Monet just out the back window. May you find peace and rest this weekend, both for your body and your spirit. Visiting from FMF31.



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