31 Days of Cheering Them On: Oldies, Goodies


Gentle Reader,

There are many bloggers who are influential and encouraging in my life. Not all of them are participating in 31 Days, but those who are – they’re sharing some great words. I chose each of the below at random; none is more significant than the others. Away we go.



I thank you so much that You are my Best Friend and my Shepherd. You take such amazing care of me… I always have more than enough. Even when it looks like that is not going to happen, somehow – You always work it out for my good…

Karrilee Aggett


Peter and Jesus, they sat together, and Jesus leans in, “Peter do you love me?” Not once, not twice, but thrice. I imagine the Savior’s hand rests upon Peter’s shoulder, with each asking of the question, he squeezes a bit tighter the shoulder ‘neath his hand. Leaning in closer each time. Third time asked, He is close enough Peter feels his breath upon his face…

Tammy Mashburn


It took me a long time to realize that the Bible isn’t just a big long book of must-do and never-do checklists to prove how good you are. As a type-A recovering people-pleaser I was usually afraid to open Scripture. Would it make me feel like a failure? What if I wasn’t living up to the expectations on the pages? I barely even KNEW the expectations so I was sure I was messing it all up…

Crystal Stine


Do you not love the imagery of Jesus being our Bridegroom? I’m not sure our earthly imagination can even remotely fathom it. But HE IS. And, we, the ones who have called upon His Name and made Him the Lord and Master of our lives, are the bride…

Susan Chamberlain Shipe


There was once a Chinese pastor who said, “No Bible, no breakfast.” He wouldn’t eat breakfast until he had first read the Word of God, and his rumbling stomach reminded him to seek Scripture before seeking sustenance…

Asheritah Ciuciu


A little girl swinging on the swing laughing and giggling with her friends. From the outside, it looks like everything is fine. Yet on the inside, this little girl, holds the heaviness of a story that has yet to be told…

Tara Ulrich


I first discovered the power of praise in the dentist’s surgery…

Lesley Crawford


I like the way God paints.  He paints so well.  He paints rainbows and sunsets and leaves in the fall.  I love the colors of God’s palette.  I really like watching his beauty…

Melinda Gardner Hollis

Thank you, dear friends, who write life and truth!


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