Five Minute Friday: Protect

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Gentle Reader,

Long days. Little energy.

I press the heat pad against my abdomen. Here, on the couch, battle rages. My head hangs low. Beads of sweat run down my neck. Sleep beckons.

Kate says: protect.


The good Lord knew what He was doing when He made dogs.

Petey, the mutt, was the first. All of my earliest memories include him. To this day I remember the feel of his curly, black-and-white fur beneath my fingers. He could hear cheese being grated. He slept on an old quilt, in a corner, wedged between two couches. During the night he would get up to check on us.

Murphy, the Papillon, loved to shove her blue rubber bone underneath a big pillow and dig at it. She was beautiful, with her long flowing fur. Except for her rear. That always had to be cut into what we called “turkey butt” to avoid…issues. She loved to sit with me while I read, munching on sunflower seeds. One for me, one for her.

Bugsy, the Shih Tzu, did a dance whenever he wanted a treat. His paws slapped the ground in a beat only he could hear, ending in a little bow. He had a wide smile. My brother would blow in his face and Bugsy would snap at the air, defeating his foe every time.

Blue, the Dachshund, obsessed with playing fetch. From dawn til dusk. His long body snakes around corners, a little bit of belly dragging the ground. Sturdy legs carry him here and there. Sometimes he jumps, suddenly, into my lap, full of happy licks and wiggles.

Benny, the PomChi, all round softness. He is by my side at all times. He grows old and slows down. He doesn’t mind that I have to rest so often. He’s happy to keep my feet warm. His sigh of contentment makes me feel safe.

Other dogs – Patches the puppy who died too soon, Tramp who was a girl so her name never made sense, Bella the super-crank, Rags the nut, Pippa the terror and Fuzzy the handsome Pomeranian who just needed more room to run. Each one has loved me, loved my family, well. (Except maybe for Pippa, who really only loves my mom).

In this harsh world, God gave us a loyal, loving creature. One who supports and accepts us at all times. Dogs are evidences of His constant care.


My journey to faith. (15)

Photo Credit: Matthew Wiebe

22 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Protect

  1. Firstly, I’m so sorry that you’re struggling so. How I wish I could help! Secondly, that picture made me smile big as soon as I clicked over. 😉 And thirdly, I could just picture each of these characters you’ve described so well. I know Andrew will wholeheartedly Amen this post. 🙂 Take care, dear one.


  2. Marie, I love reading about the many dogs who do/have inhabited your life. You are blessed. Our family never had dogs when I was growing up . . . for lots of reasons. But there was one that followed my sister and me home from the pool one day. We called her Daisy, and she stayed with us for three days before her wanderlust got the best of her. My sister and her husband have had up to five dogs at a time, though right now they only have two. With hubs’ job and travels, we haven’t been overly motivated to get a dog. But there are days when I think the companionship would be wonderful . . .

    Loved your post, my friend. And that picture! Is that protector one of yours?

    I hope you begin feeling better soon, my friend. I’ll be praying for you tonight.


    1. I’m so glad to “see” you! It’s been too long.

      That little guy isn’t one of mine, but I’d sure like to claim him! Dogs are special creatures indeed. I say that everyone needs at least two. 🙂

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  3. Oh, Marie, I love this!

    Strawberry is now a service-dog-in-training…being trained by Ladron, service-dog-in-chief. She is learning the art of “when Andrew is not feeling well but is too stupid to realize it you have to MAKE him stay put”.

    Not easy for a Heeler. Piece of cake for a Mastiff. She just sits on me.

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. Hahahahaha! I can just picture that. The wiener dog has at times felt it necessary to lay on me in an effort to make me feel better. The pressure of his body accomplishes the opposite, but I appreciate the sentiment.


  4. I love your descriptions of all your different dogs. And I had never thought of their faithfulness and loyalty as being a reflection of God’s love but that’s so true!


  5. Oh my goodness;) the cheese grater and the turkey butt! Dog sitting right now and their antics are pretty hilarious. Thanks for sharing about all the dogs in your life 😉 and what a great photo! Praying you feel better, girl!


    1. Yes indeed, Susan! My furry beasts just came back from the “beauty shop” and they loathe me for taking care of them that way today. 🙂


  6. Oh what a cool picture of God’s protection! My husband would agree too because he had a lot of dogs growing up with all their personalities and stories about them but how they were all so loyal. lifting up a prayer for you right now, marie. visiting from #7


  7. Marie,
    my family has had a few dogs, but only one really had my heart. Perhaps that is why I haven’t been able to adopt one into our own family. We’ve got 2 cats and our one, “Bubba” is long-haired, 23 pounds, and over two feet long. He’s as close to a dog as a cat gets. And, well, “turkey butt” is kind of a necessity with him as well. Poor long-haired baby. He’s also following us around right now, cowering under our legs due to the fireworks. Our other cat is a typical cat.
    But, those personalities, those loyalties, I get it.
    Thank you for sharing so many dear memories in one post. Our dog, “Old Yellar”, was 1/4 german shepherd, 1/4 doberman, and 1/2 golden retriever. The best dog ever born. You’ve given me hope that maybe there will be another dog I can love, but I’m not sure. It broke my heart when my parents put him down-I had just gone away to college and didn’t get to say goodbye.
    *tears in my eyes*
    Praying you feel better today.



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