The Hard Things

Gentle Reader,

Following my month(ish) fast from social media, I’ve changed the way I use the medium.

If I’m going to be on it, then I want to share things of value. Hard things. Deep things. There are conversations that need to be had. Ugly truths to confront.

Selfies aren’t bad. Fun stories aren’t bad. For me, in this season, the balance is simply tipped toward the thoughtful.

I read a lot of theological stuff. And political stuff. So I’m going to share that. I’m going to offer my imperfect commentary. Because I see a church that isn’t dealing well with the world around us. Instead of grappling with ideas and opinions, we whine that we no longer have a place of privilege. Instead of accepting the consequences of our belief with integrity and dignity, we moan about civil liberties.

Is it hard to be rejected? Tough to be mocked? Yes. Get used to it.

We who long to see those around us come to Christ had better learn to ask them the right kind of questions. To keep our heads cool. To develop a thick skin. To earn the right to speak into their lives. We need to know what we believe, why we believe it and be able to present the Gospel with love, simplicity and logic.

We are each given a voice. I am choosing to use mine in a way that I hope draws those who call themselves Christians to consider whether the way they live that out is consistent. Because the world is desperate for our consistency. We cannot preach peace and then turn a blind eye to a massacre at a gay nightclub, twiddling our thumbs as evil men who dare call themselves pastors rejoice in murder. Nor can we preach sin and the Cross and then say, “Oh, that thing the Bible calls sin? It’s really not.” There is no end to that slide.

I also hope to draw those who are not Christians to consider the Gospel. The real Gospel. Not this “Jesus and…” crap that far too many promote. You know what? The God, the faith that most people reject – I reject it, too. Because it’s not what’s real, what’s true.

We who are indwelt by the Spirit of the Living God do not belong to this world, but we do live in it. We’d best start learning how to navigate that tension. We’d best shake off our spiritual stupor and wake up. Grow up. Learn to think deeply and well. God is all about your heart, but He’s all about your mind as well. About time the two began to connect.

My journey to faith. (15)

Photo Credit: Odyssey Online




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