Five Minute Friday: Dear

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Gentle Reader,

I’m actually doing this on Friday. What a change. It’s Kate. It’s the crew. It’s: dear.


The adverb form of the word “dear” is defined as “at a high cost.” When something “comes dear” or “costs dear,” it is expensive. There is a high level of value associated.

I’m thinking about this in two ways today.

First, it cost Jesus dearly to come to this earth. He “poured Himself out” (Philippians 2:5-11) and we may never know what that fully means until Eternity. The infinite scope of His Person was dropped, folded, mashed into tiny, ever-limited flesh. He, who created everything and everyone, was forced into dependence upon others. And this is just the Incarnation. He paid a high price when He became that Baby.

Second, the mind is a dear thing. I am not talking about depression or anxiety and how awful it is to feel like you’re losing your mind, though the struggle is real and deeply personal for me. What I address here instead is the terrible doubt and guilt planted so subtly into the mind by those who seek to pull the strings. This week I had a moment of questioning someone very close to me. It was but a moment; I know this person too well to actually cross over into believing the accusation. Nevertheless, it was painful. Painful to question and painful to realize that I was, indeed, being manipulated.

The two are drawn together today in my choice to turn away from the game-playing and dwell on the beautiful mystery of Christ. My mind is a dear thing and so I shall set it on the Dear One.


My journey to faith. (15)


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