31 Days of Brave: Drive


Gentle Reader,

My mom and I went out for a few hours today. We had lunch, wandered the mall, got pedicures. Girly-type things.

I drove.

I don’t drive on the freeway. I don’t drive in the city closest to our slice of suburbia. Partial blindness means I have terrible depth perception and I often can’t see cars merging into the flow from the on-ramp. Add to that an awful sense of direction – whatever way I am facing is North.(You’re probably thinking that I shouldn’t even be allowed to drive).

Driving has never been something that I enjoy. I’m happy to be chauffeured. But today, it was easier for us to accomplish our outing if I was behind the wheel.

So I sucked it up.

There’s no better phrase for it.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up. Urban Dictionary (not a reliable source, but I’m using it for this) defines the phrase as “to cope with something unpleasant without complaining.” I didn’t get excited over driving on the freeway. It wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t suddenly develop a sense of direction. You know what, though? I’m glad I drove. I got to enjoy an afternoon with my mom. I got to see that I could handle what is for me a difficult situation without totally freaking out. I wouldn’t trade that for a chauffeur.

Well, unless he had a British accent.

My journey to faith. (15)

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One thought on “31 Days of Brave: Drive

  1. I think a word that fits this situation is “brave”. You know your limitations but took a leap of faith that the Lord would provide you with the strength and courage you needed to overcome your limitation. I, myself, do not like to drive at night because everything looks different to me. My sense of direction has always been a family joke because I freely admit I am “geographically challenged”. Always have been but I accept it for what it is and do the best I can with it!



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