31 Days in the Quiet: Timing


Gentle Reader,

Like most people, I want things to go my way. Call me a control freak, but I like my plans and my timing. Too often I try to force these things, to usually negative results.

God asks me to trust that His plans – and therefore His timing – are good. Perfect, really. Lacking nothing. I don’t have to help Him along. All I have to do is cooperate. Obey.

Sometimes I think there’s nothing harder.

My journey to faith. (15)

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2 thoughts on “31 Days in the Quiet: Timing

  1. Yes. I know exactly what you mean. Trusting God, His timing or anything else, can be difficult. It feels very scary to “let go,” so to speak, and trust that God will provide the support. Kind of like taking your hands off the steering wheel of your car when you’re barrelling down the freeway at 80mph.



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