31 Days in the Quiet: Brownies


Gentle Reader,

It’s no secret that I’m not a domestic diva. While I am a neat-freak and love to organize, I could do without grocery shopping, meal planning or cooking. (I could also do without paying bills. If anyone wants to give me lots of money, I won’t turn you down!)

Even as a kid, I hated these things. I would beg to stay home and do housework rather than walk the aisles of the grocery store with my parents. I’m not exactly sure why this is. Maybe I find all the choices overwhelming. And as to helping with meals? Let’s just say that I’ve been known to burn the unburnable and leave key ingredients out. I get bored when having to stand in front of a stove monitoring this or that concoction.

My reputation as a non-foodie is so deep that when joking with some of the ladies at church that I would need someone to feed me if my husband ever went on a business trip, they took me seriously. Chris himself has commented that, if I lived alone, I’d likely live on cold cereal and chocolate chips.

I am thus completely fine with the fact that Chris does most of the cooking, but today I made a connection. We had to go and sign some papers to finalize our house refinancing (praise God!), and he commented that he wasn’t feeling very good. I decided right then to make some from-scratch brownies, his favorite dessert. (I love having a husband who isn’t hard to please). As I melted chocolate chips and beat eggs into the flour, I sighed. This wasn’t really how I wanted to spend my time.

But then I imagined how Chris would smile when he came home and got to eat a decadent, chocolately chunk. That made me smile. And I thought, “That’s what serving is. It means looking past the inconvenience of the moment and into someone else’s happiness.” 

My journey to faith. (15)

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2 thoughts on “31 Days in the Quiet: Brownies

  1. I’m all for allowing John to “work his magic” in the kitchen and I happily clean up the mess afterward! This has been our agreement since before we got married. Even though I’m home now, I still don’t mind if he wants to do his “thing” in the kitchen – however, he will quickly tell you about the times he’s come home to a home-cooked meal and not expecting it! That, I also have found, is “serving” and when you love someone, it really warms the heart of the one served and the one serving!



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