Invited In

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Gentle Reader,

Luke and the New Testament declare that women have equal access to the blessings of grace and salvation. – Darrell Bock. Luke. 144-145

This is radical. When Jesus came, he threw open the doors to women. Many men then and, unfortunately, now, believe that women are to be seen and only heard to offer another cup of coffee, but Christ, our Lord, invited women in. No matter how hard some try (and try they do) there is nothing in the Gospel message that defines women as second-class or second-best.

It is sad to have to declare this in the context of the two-millenia old church, but I will keep doing so as long as abuse and misuse exists. Women have a role. Women have a place. Women bring something to the table. Women are given spiritual gifts. Women are commissioned to go out into the world and share the Good News, making disciples in the process. Women are declared by Jesus Himself to be His sisters and His coheirs.

My journey to faith. (15)