31 Days of Brave: Quality


Gentle Reader,

It isn’t difficult to define bravery. We all know, or at least claim to know, that being brave is linked to our choices. See a little kid on the street, run out and grab her before she gets run over. Boss asks you to do something unethical, you refuse. The Holy Spirit impresses upon your heart to talk to that stranger, you go talk. Courage is even seen in the smaller things, like going to the store without make-up or walking about with the sun bouncing off your bald head.


I want to know what compels some people to make the brave choice and what drives others, like me, to make the cowardly one. Would I intervene if I saw someone being abused? I have, and I would. The type of cowardice that I’m talking about…it’s the daily cowardice. The fear of sharing an opinion. The agony of keeping the boat afloat. Brave people have a totally different attitude. They care about others (a mark of courage, in my book) but not to the point of allowing them to become idols. They are comfortable with themselves. Further still, they are deeply reliant upon the Lord.

How does one define this quality that brave people possess? How does one get it?

My journey to faith. (15)

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