Five Minute Friday: News

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Gentle Reader,

Linking up with the flash writing crew. Kate asks us to dwell on: news.


The news is tough to handle these days.

Dr. Ben Carson suspends his presidential campaign in the wake of Donald Trump’s “Super Tuesday”wins. Hillary Clinton nabs delegate after delegate despite being the subject of an FBI investigation. Support for Trump grows among racists; twenty percent of his base dislikes the Emancipation Proclamation. Bernie Sanders preaches democratic socialism in a country weighed down with a debt in excess of $19 trillion.

Riots break out in Calais as French authorities attempt to dismantle a refugee camp known as “The Jungle.” North Korea rumbles, threatening nuclear action. Islamic State members riddle the city of Ramadi with booby-traps. The Oscar for Best Documentary Short goes to A Girl in the River: the Price of Forgiveness, a film that highlights “honor killings” in Pakistan. Tensions along the Ukraine/Russian border continue to boil in a war the rest of the world seems to have forgotten.

What is this place? What is the world?

Does sin increase or does it simply become more acceptable? Does the answer even matter? Men and women howl, fueled by the lust and rage to which they give themselves over. The earth seems to convulse in pain and terror.

Where are Christians in all this?


All too often, howling.

Right along with the rest of the population.

We have serious repenting to do. Our selfishness, our prejudice, our fear, our pride, our hatred, our lack of thinking and of wisdom. We must fall to our knees, to our faces, in sorrow. In horror over the depth of our sin. Aching, crying, for grace. We who should, who do, know better.

There is no such thing as perfection this side of eternity. Not in people, not in things. But there are such things as right and good. There are things we need to do, people we need to support. The important thing is not that we are on the “winning” side in political contests or wars over territory. We have already won everything that really matters, because Christ has won. We must remember this.

Let us be the people who are moved by the news. Moved not to combat, not to doing things as the world does, but ever-deeper into the arms of Christ. Let us be the people who do not forget that God is sovereign. Let us ask Him to transform our hearts, that the desire for a clear conscience might replace the desire and drive to win at all costs. Let us strive to be servants instead of to dominate others.

Let us be the Gospel people, the people of the Good News.

No matter the headlines.


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