Five Minute Friday: Beauty


Gentle Reader,

Such a fun Twitter chatter tonight. The gif game was strong. The Office references flowed freely. Poutine and colonoscopies were discussed (the one does not necessarily lead to the other). The Norwegian curling team’s pants were admired. I was graced with honourary Canadian status. (See what I did there)?

I love these people.

Kate says: beauty.


I’ve so enjoyed watching the Olympics this year.

As a child I loved figure skating, my heart captured by the artistry of athletes like Oksana Baiul and Gordeeva/Grinkov. As an adult, I discovered ice dancing, which is like ballroom dancing and a skating rink got together and made something truly magical. In 2010 I watched as Canada’s Virtue/Moir and the United States’ Davis/White battled it out. In 2014, they battled again, but with a different (and, in my opinion, incorrect) outcome. Heading into the PeyongChang games, I was more than ready for the Virtue/Moir comeback and to be very #TeamCanada. (All the “noooo” in the world for France’s Papadakis/Cizeron).

Odd, this love, since I’ve never glided across the ice or even pushed my foot into an ice skate. Never had the opportunity. Now, because I have to live in a protective bubble at all times, I can’t go skating, no matter how much I want to.

Thus I content myself with watching men and women defy gravity and tell stories with blades strapped to their feet. It’s art. It’s sport. It’s thrilling.

That’s the beauty of the Olympics, I think. All the politics and doping aside (really, guy who does curling? You had to use drugs?), the world is treated to 10 days of good fun. Competition and elation and heartbreak and the reminder that we’re all the same, no matter where we come from. In a world fraught with increasing and constant tension, this beauty, this space, is necessary.


The Virtue/Moir programs. Watch them both. There will never be better ice dancers.

Also this, which is the most Canada thing to ever Canada. Dude is gold-medal winning ice dancer who gets worked up at a hockey game. I love that.




13 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Beauty

  1. Ah, it was a fun night on Twitter! Thanks for making it sparkle :). My husband HATES ice-skating/dancing. He’d rather have a colonoscopy. Thank you for posting some links to beauty tonight ;).


  2. I had so many laughs at the Twitter party tonight. 🙂

    I love your take on beauty. I’ve always loved watching the figure skating/ice dancing portions of the Olympics. There’s such beauty and grace in the skaters, their routines, their expressions. I loved Karen Chen’s emotion as she skated. So sorry she fell as much as she did. But the beauty humans can create through music and dance can be breath-taking.


    1. Getting caught up….

      I believe that anything we have the ability to do can be used as a way to glorify God. That’s the underpinning of art and athletics, that reaching for something more, that attempt to transcend. Of course we’re selfish and silly and wind up trying to put ourselves on pedestals… Praise Him for grace!

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  3. I love watching skating too. And Virtue and Moir… so good! They were incredible. I too think it’s pretty great that an ice dancer got worked up over hockey. That gold medal match was something to behold. But I must admit I’m excited for the USA team. The LaMoureoux sisters are from North Dakota! Beauty on ice I love that friend! I’m in the 5 spot this week.


    1. Getting caught up…

      I didn’t watch the hockey game, but a friend of mine caught in on replay. She said that, even though she knew the outcome, it was exciting and intense. I love stuff like that!


  4. Marie! I loved the twitter chatter and thank you for including the ice dancing clips. I missed these! The music really takes me back to my childhood. So fun! I see why you think they are fantastic. They are…
    You’ve encouraged me here with your thoughts on beauty.
    your FMF friend #48 at the linkup ~ Lisa


    1. Getting caught up….

      You can really fall down a YouTube rabbit hole with these two. Pretty much every program they’ve ever done is there. It’s fun to watch their progression as skaters and artists. 🙂

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  5. Hi, my name is Lynette, and I’m addicted to the Olympics. I cannot get enough of them. I DVR hours and hours of it and run through them. In trying to come up with my favorite event I think I’ve decided it’s probably the snowboarding ones. That half pipe is insane!!!! Yes to ice skating but I miss Scott Hamilton in prime time SO much. Curling….meh. And who in the name of all things ever thought to come up with the one where they ski in big loops and then stop to shoot at targets?!?? Could someone please let me know?!?! USA USA USA!!!

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