31 Days of Feasting on Theology: Eternal Subordination of the Son

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Gentle Reader,

Eternal Subordination of the Son: Teaching that states that while the Son is in essence equal with the Father, in role and relationship He is subordinate. Proponents generally site certain statements of Jesus during the Incarnation as evidence. Often used to bolster the complementarian position. Classified by some as a sub-Arian heresy.

* Note: Thus far I have shared without personal comment. If you read my statement of beliefs, you know where I land on these things. I cannot, however, in good conscience allow this one to stand on its own. While I do not believe that those who hold to ESS are automatically not Christian, I do believe that this is in fact at least a heterodox and more likely a heretical position.

Related Concepts and/or Examples

The Debate so Far – Alastair Roberts provides some context

The Semi-Arianism of ESS Arguments – some specific issues

What Denny Burke Could Do – thoughts from Aimee Byrd

The Trinity and the Eternal Subordination of the Son – an article from the Priscilla Papers, a publication of the group Christians for Biblical Equality


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