31 Days of Feasting on Theology: Incarnation

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Gentle Reader,

Incarnation: Jesus has always existed. He had no beginning and He has no end. In order to save humanity, He came to earth for a number of years and lived as a man. He took on human flesh. While He never stopped being God, He chose to limit Himself for a certain number of years in order to accomplish what we could not, namely the defeat of sin and death so that we could be in unbroken relationship with God once more.

Related Concepts and/or Examples

Sin – rebellion against God

Hypostatic Union – Jesus was (and remains) fully God and fully man

Virgin Birth – Jesus was conceived by the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit

Kenosis – “emptying” or setting aside certain attributes


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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Feasting on Theology: Incarnation

    1. Absolutely. What saddens me is that many who have been in the church for years can’t articulate the basics. It’s never been presented in an easy-to-understand way.



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