Blown Out


Gentle Reader,

I have been so tired.

It’s been building for a few months.

I had not been able to figure out why.

Then, in a rush, I remembered –

Finished writing a non-fiction book about…you don’t need to know yet. Crafted a book proposal. Self-published a book of poetry. Ran a launch team. Became vegetarian. Took up (mostly) daily exercise. Had a partial hysterectomy. Led a small group. Helped run a women’s retreat. Spoke at a conference. Spent half the year blogging through Zephaniah. 

All of that on top of normal things like work and taking care of a home and being a wife, daughter, sister, friend.

No wonder.

Some people thrive on busy. I do not.

I’m taking a sabbatical.

Be back in the spring.

I’m sure this a blogging sin of some sort. No doubt I’ll see a big dip in stats. May even lose some of you, dear readers. I can’t care about that. My writing voice is roughly equivalent to the first day of strep throat, when you can hardly breathe, let alone speak. I need space and silence.

So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that. May God bless you.



8 thoughts on “Blown Out

  1. Totally understand this. I’ve gotten to a point where I only write when I feel inspired. There’s just not the time/energy to commit to a weekly post – even though I’d love to have the time/energy/resources to commit to that sometime soon. Merry Christmas to you as well, friend!


  2. Take a much needed rest during Christmas and enjoy being a wife, etc. The ones who leave do so of their choice. God has wonderful plans for you and right now you need to take care of YOU! Love you bunches!


  3. Good on you, Marie. You’re joining me (I’ve stopped indefinitely as of this month). May God wrap you in His loving arms as you go to sit on His lap and may you know just how precious, loved and known you are by our Heavenly Father who has been waiting for you to come rest with Him.



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