31 Days of Cheering Them On: Closing


Gentle Reader,

What a month.

A good month. Filled with good things.

But a long month.

As I sit here today, refusing to answer any knocks on the door and anticipating an evening of pizza and potentially smashed pumpkins (I hate Halloween), I am tired. Completely exhausted. I gave everything I had to give to book launches and women’s events and Bible study. My body is telling me it’s time to hit the brakes.

I am profoundly thankful that I had the chance to participate in 31 Days, though it was an extra helping added to an overflowing plate. There is real joy to be found in cheering others on. May we all stop, look around, and see what we can do to encourage those around us.


For all entries in the 31 Days of Cheering Them On series, go here.



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