Five Minute Friday: Grow

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Gentle Reader,

Wicked headache yesterday. Spent my time curled up on the couch, attempting to sleep it off. The dogs made sure to get up in my face to see if they could provide any comfort by way of hot breath and calloused paws. The husband brought me an iced coffee in the hope that a jolt of caffeine would soothe the pain. Pain pills and ice packs later, I’m upright but not entirely human.

Kate says: grow.


I’m taking a break from social media.

Facebook and Twitter can be great things. I’ve connected with wonderful people across the miles through those platforms. My church family shares prayer requests and praises on our group page. There are times when social media is beautiful.

Then there are times, like right now, when it’s a time-sucking waste. I don’t care what dress some flash-in-the-pan celebrity wore to the latest narcissistic awards show. (How is that even a trending news item, anyway?) I don’t care that someone to whom I barely spoke in high school wants to be friends now. I don’t care about Farmville or whatever it is the kids are playing these days. I don’t care about David Avocado Wolfe and his octaves of sunlight and other ridiculousness that is relentlessly shared.

But I stay engaged, despite the not caring. Because I want to be distracted. From what is good and better. From what I need to focus on right now.

Growing up is hard to do. Again, social media is not the great ill of the world. It’s a useful tool. Did you read that correctly? A tool. Not a means of measuring the quality of friendship. Not a way to feed the gnawing hunger for recognition. Not a good use of the hours we have been given when other duties and delights are clearly shoved to the background.

I have a love-hate thing going on here and I’ve crossed into the “hate” phase. In a world of immediacy, I crave distance. Quiet. While I’ll never completely abandon social media, especially as a blogger, it’s time for me to take a soul inventory. What needs to go? What needs to stay? What should be added? How is God directing me to order my days so that He can grow me into the woman He wants me to be?

I don’t have clear answers to those questions, but this I do know: The feeds don’t satisfy. They are junk food, empty calories. I need substance.


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21 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Grow

    1. “Social media is serious engagement.”

      I like the thought of that. Only getting on when I’ve got something to say or someone I want to interact with, instead of just mindlessly scrolling.


  1. Marie, I completely agree with you. I’ve had a really tough time staying “caught up” since…well, last year really. Between FB and Twitter (which I’m seldom on there), to Instagram (which I truly love) to private messages, emails and Voxer I feel so overwhelmed and cranky. I took FB off my phone a few weeks ago which is my major time-suck. I tend to get online here and there throughout the day when I’m on my laptop, but only when I’m taking a quick break from my “job.” I’ve been really feeling the pull toward rest and I never feel rested when I’m online. I wish you well in this break… I’m hoping I can continue to break more, as well. I think all of us need this more than we know. ❤


    1. I took Facebook off of my phone, too! It’s so freeing.

      I pray that you find the rest that you need in whatever form makes the most sense to you. God will meet you right there and pour upon you refreshment.


  2. Oh friend, I so hear you! It needs to be substance indeed. I’m thankful that social media is a tool. It really isn’t about the numbers and the other junk food. We will miss you but totally understand taking a break. Sometimes we need to say no. Love you friend! I’m over in the #4 spot this week.


  3. It is so easy to abuse this tool we have been given. I know it definitely stunts my growth. I chose most times sadly to be on facebook than to read a book. I want to read it but mindless scrolling seems to want my attention more. blah! I am glad that you are taking a break. What do you plan to do? Any new books? ; )


    1. I am spending the extra time working on my book proposal. That thing is just about the worst. I’d appreciate your prayers if you think of it!


  4. Hi again, Marie! I *love* what you said about social media being junk food. I’ve been thinking for a while, too, about how to cut back on this part of my “diet.” I’m unsure how to stay informed while still disconnecting. I hope you’ll blog about how you’re doing this in the days to come!


    1. I’m not sure I have any good ideas when it comes to keeping connected while disconnecting. I tend to be an “all or nothing” sort of gal. My hope is that God will work out the knots in my soul and enable me to approach social media as a “take it or leave it” thing.


  5. I’ve been contemplating the same thing. I took a year and a half off Facebook and it did me good. I got back on when I started writing though. And I only just got started on Twitter…to promote my book.

    I empathize with your struggle. I have a love-hate relationship with it too. In February I took ten days off of all social media for a time of prayer and fasting….have been contemplating doing the same again. Thanks for encouraging me to think about it some more.


      1. I have! That same day I decided I would after my husband made me see how badly it was affecting me and will stay off for a total of ten days…I did that in January and it already helped a lot…as it is now. Thanks for your encouragement.

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  6. It is such a hard balance, isn’t it!? My husband and I call it the ‘scroll of death’ when we look over and catch the other zoning out the Facebook feed! Definitely worth pulling away to work out what you miss and what you definitely don’t 🙂


  7. Very good thoughts, I agree! We so often let social media dominate our lives and understanding of life and friendships. So it might be good to take a break and invest in the real world.



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