Five Minute Friday: Season

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Gentle Reader,

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

It’s not easy.

Not tonight.

But I try.

Kate directs us to: season.


Advent season. My favorite. The candle of hope flickers on the table. Warm light spreads. Shadows dance. The bright pierces the dark. Always pushing through.

Winter season. Snow and ice. People can’t figure out how to drive. Skids and slush. Tempers flare. I keep pace with the car in the lane beside me to keep him from passing. Yes. I am that woman. Flakes descend to earth in nature’s ballet.

Seasonings. Pepper, salt, onion, garlic. Bowls of steaming ministroni. Soft noodles, perfect carrots. I eat, but wonder if I should.

Struggle season. The stomach is unhappy. I never know how it will react. I take the pill, but it doesn’t last long enough. Nauseous in the morning or nauseous at night. My choice. What a choice.

Convergence. My patience flickers, like that candle. I am distracted. Tired. Haven’t slept well in months. Swollen liver. Pain. Food is an enemy.

Slow down. The Spirit says it, deep inside my heart. In that place where He pours out grace. The grace I can never deserve. Look at the sunlight glinting off the ice. See the deer scurry across the road. Foot off the gas pedal. Smile at him. Call her. Be in this moment or miss the tiny, hidden blessings.

My favorite time of year and the constant rebellion of my body combine in that bittersweet mix that is life on this earth. The ache reminds me to look, to anticipate, to remember. He is here. This is not all there is.


My journey to faith. (15)


24 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Season

  1. Great reminder!! I don’t see how y’all drive in snow and ice. If it’s ices down here in Southeast Texas, the whole town shuts down. Thankfully it hardly ever ices here and if it does snow it melts right when it hits the ground.

    Visiting from fmf party.. Parked at number two this week


    1. Driving in the snow and ice isn’t bad as long as you take it slow. Too many people think that big trucks and fat tires will keep them from wrecking and so they drive too fast. That scares me more than black ice. Thanks for visiting!

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  2. So very sorry for your pain and suffering, Marie, and yet so grateful for your perspective. May the Lord grant you much lasting physical relief! Hope you’re able to find ways to enjoy this Advent season in spite of your discomfort. Thanks for writing and linking up!


  3. Marie,
    “The ache reminds me to look, to anticipate, to remember. He is here. This is not all there is.”

    Love, love, love!!
    🙂 You are beautiful, and so is your writing!!
    (#6 tonight on FMF)


  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is “that woman.” 🙂 On a serious note, though. I’m sorry your body is wreaking havoc with your spirit and your life. Different circumstances have landed me in that place during certain seasons of my life.

    I love how the Spirit spoke to you, reminding you to look for the hidden blessings. It’s a deliberate choice, but it opens the doors of our hearts wide to Him when we do. I’m praying for you tonight, my friend.


    1. Yes, you’re a “snow and ice driver,” too! Ugh. If people would just slow down…

      It is a deliberate choice, and a tough one on many days. But I always wind up feeling glad when I decide to let Him grant me a new, different perspective.

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  5. “This is not all there is.” What a great reminder, Marie! When I’m facing a platter of cookies and delectable treats, I’m tempted to think that it’s now or never; either I feast all I want or I’ll regret feeling deprived. But the truth is that there is so much more to the season than food, and there will probably be more where that came from. So I can pass up the treats (or have only one, no need for ten), and choose instead to rejoice in the Reason for the season. Such great food for thought tonight. Thank you! 🙂


    1. That’s a great reminder for me! Food frustrates me greatly. It’s a gamble every day as to what I can eat, if I can eat anything at all. But God hasn’t let me starve to death yet. He’ll see me through!


  6. Yes, bittersweet – lovely imagery – ‘nature’s ballet’, ‘the bright pierces the dark, always pushing through,’ ‘this is not all there is.’ Advent – the season of preparation. I love to read your posts, Marie – poetic and real. You are right, you know. This is not all there is…. Hugs from across the North Country.


  7. i admit it, i’m that driver too…but mostly not on snowy roads though people usually drive here like they’ve never seen snow before, even though we get it every year.
    I am sorry that you and your body seem to be in a constant war with one another. I can’t imagine not knowing if what you eat will cause you pain and yet still needing to eat. I have had some serious abdominal issues that resulted in some stone pain that I feared for many years returning, its enough to make you want to not engage with food at all. praying that your body allows you to be sustained. thank you for sharing this part of your journey



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