Five Minute Friday: Free

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Gentle Reader,

Bouncing between intense headaches and nausea all week.

This is will be brief.

Kate and the writers focus on: free.


Be kind to your sick friends.

We long to be free.

We don’t want to miss special events. We don’t want to be stuck in our homes. We don’t want to worry about our finances because we miss work. We don’t want to be in pain. We don’t want to be weak.

If you’re with me tonight, longing for a body that doesn’t hate you, enjoy these jokes. They make me smile:




I hope you at least chuckled a little.

We need these little bright spots on the tough days.


My journey to faith. (15)


28 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Free

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling welll dear friend!! My pain level was crazy today and i spent all day in bed 😦 I keep reminding myself that God will use every opportunity to bring Him glory, even if I don’t see the big picture, He does. Praying for better days ❤


  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. That stinks. I did appreciate the laughs though! Thanks for that! Except… I didn’t get the Spanish inquisition one. And now I feel like a moron. lol Care to explain?


  3. Marie,
    first place again. 🙂 Thank you for bringing joy and laughter. I wish I could return the favor. I’m so sorry you are feeling poorly this week. I pray that you will be free from it at least temporarily when you read some of the other posts and comments this week. Lord, please take Marie and free her mind and soul. If she is already in bed, free her in her dreams to see heaven. To walk with you and talk with you tonight, in your beautiful garden.
    And thank you for such a beautiful sister whom I love!
    (#6 this week)


  4. I appreciate your post. I was once very sick in KS, and I hated that time…those months were awful. I pray you feel better soon so you can return “freely” to work and social activities! Love, Jenn FMF


  5. Hope you feel better, Marie. Bless you for wanting to share words and humor when you are struggling with your own pain. May you experience God’s provision and comfort today. Peace~


  6. I love Ron Swanson. I’m sure if he existed in real life, he’d be a royal pain to be around, but as a safely fictional character, he’s terrific. He makes me laugh, which after all, is pretty good therapy.


  7. Love the jokes, I’m a huge fan of P&R and Monty Python. Prayers that you’ll feel better sooner rather than later.


  8. I’m sorry my friend. I know how you feel- I’m going crazy being cooped up inside to avoid heat exhaustion AGAIN (4 times, 4th time landed in the ER after collapsing in Costco parking lot). Sending prayers and encouragement your way 🙂


  9. You made me laugh! My hubby was probably wondering what in the world I was doing (it was actually about midnight last night when I first saw your post). I really hope you’re feeling better soon. I will certainly be praying for you. Blessings! Tasha



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