Get the Right Jesus

Gentle Reader,

Good Friday.

The day of the Cross and the crown of thorns and the blood and the, “It is finished.”

A day to consider whether or not you’ve got the right Jesus.

How do you view Him?

He is not simply “a good man” or a “good teacher.” He is not a created being. He is not made up. He is not an illusion of mass-hysteria. Buddha and Mohammed are not equal with Him. He is not the brother of Lucifer. He does not live off on some other plane procreating spirit babies with His many goddess wives. He is not a “different” God in contrast with the God of the Old Testament. You cannot “ascend” through “exaltation” and become Him. His resurrection was not merely “spiritual” or a good philosophical idea. He is not merely a spirit. He did not marry Mary Magdalene.

He did not stay dead. He is not a doormat. He will judge the living and the dead. Those who know Him will live with Him forever. Those who reject Him will be removed from His presence. He is feet of bronze, hair of white, eyes of flame. One word from Him pierces the soul. He shatters all expectations. He does not apologize for being who He is. He created everything and holds that creation together. History is divided by Him and the universe revolves around Him.

All – every last one – will bow before Him.

The King of Kings.

The Lord of Lords.

Do you have the right Jesus?

My journey to faith. (15)



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