Five Minute (Missed it Again) Friday: Notice

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Gentle Reader,

Arriving at the FMF party late again. Thankfully, these ladies ooze grace. Linking up with them and with Kate. We: notice.


I rush through my life. To-do lists, chores, places to go, people to see. Minutes blend into hours blend into days blend into weeks, months, years. I marvel at time’s fleeting steps and how, despite my hurry, I always seem to be behind.

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. My mom will cook the turkey. My brother’s making pies. Nobody is foolish enough to assign me anything other than vegetables. We’ll gather ’round the table, share stories and grow groggy from the tryptophan. We’ll talk about the things we’re grateful for.

I wonder if I stop long enough to be truly grateful for anything. Do I notice the daily blessings that flow from God’s hand? Or do I take them for granted? More often than not, it’s the latter.

Today I’m choosing stillness.

I’m choosing to notice.


My journey to faith. (15)



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