The Detox Diaries, Five Minute Friday Edition: a Prayer for Release


Gentle Reader,

Linking up with Lisa-Jo and the #fmfparty peeps. We’re writing about: release.


God, release me from the powerful hold of anxiety.

Or rather show me that the figurative jail cell is already open. That you’ve already released me. That I can walk out. Be free.

God, thank You for the release of gardening, for the feel of the soft petals against my skin. Thank You for the powerful scent of the roses, released into the air with each opening blossom. It surrounds me. Thank You even for the thorns, for their stinging prick, a tangible reminder of Your grace. Why it reminds me of that, I don’t know. Maybe because pain is now redeemed, in You.

God, work a miracle and release Your servants, Saeed and Meriam, from prison. That Your Name may be glorified, Your fame spread through the earth. And for them. For their families. That they may be reunited. Through them and their testimony in the midst of pain, release a powerful working of Your Spirit.

Release us, Your people, Your children, from the desire to please others. Teach us to please You. Teach us to step forth in the boldness of love, doing all that we can to share the truth with others – in humility. Because we were once there. We were once lost.

Now we are found. Released from wrath. Released from an eternity of separation. Released from the old into the new. Released into grace, into hope, into peace, into adoption.

Into Your arms.


My journey to faith. (15)

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18 thoughts on “The Detox Diaries, Five Minute Friday Edition: a Prayer for Release

    1. I don’t know about you, but I keep stepping back into my cell. Jesus set us free to actually walk in that freedom! Thanks for coming by, Jen.


      1. Ditto. I feel like it’s and endless cycle. We break free, and then put ourselves back in the cell. My goal now is to decrease the time trapped and increase the time released. Great message.


  1. You so beautifully described the contrast of the slavery of sin vs. the freedom in Him. Thank you for sharing your gift. Great post! FMF


    1. The lovely thing about following Christ is that it’s still slavery (Romans 6:18) and yet that kind of slavery is so freeing! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. This is beautiful, Marie! I’m praying for release for Saeed and Meriam too. What grace we have been given – release from slavery to sin and set free! Thank you for this sweet reminder today.


  3. Wow! You know your way with words. Beautiful blogpost. A prayer straight from the heart. Thank you so much for sharing and God bless you.



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