Five Minute Friday: May Day Mayday

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Gentle Reader,

I’m participating in my first Five Minute Friday link-up with Lisa-Jo Baker. A Five Minute Friday entry means just what you think: You set a timer for five minutes and write whatever comes to you. No editing. (I’ll be honest right up front and tell you that was hard for me!)

This week’s prompt: Mess.

Go –

Yesterday was terrible. Chris’ truck broke down. We needed groceries in a desperate way. Sallie Mae changed the terms on some student loans of ours. The pain in my belly button and the surrounding area reached new levels of awful.

All of that carries into today. Thankfully, we now have food, but we went over budget. Chris had to take my car, so now he’s got to figure out how to juggle his work appointments and get me to my doctor’s appointment in an hour. And that appointment? Not looking forward to it. Not happy about being poked and prodded – again – where it hurts.

What does it look like to say “yes” in this mess?

I hear the birds chirping outside. A shaft of sunlight sneaks through the closed curtains.

And that reminds me that the darkness never overpowers the light.

I think that my “yes” today should be a “yes” to God.

Yes, I will trust You. I will have faith that You will provide. I will know that You are holding me.

Even in the mess.

– Stop

I hope that you find a way to say “yes” in your mess today!



6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: May Day Mayday

  1. I’m no expert at this, but I recently read about how even when life is a disaster, it is still possible to capture moments of joy in the world around us, the beauty of a flower, the sound of a child’s laughter, and so on. I can’t find the exact resource I read, but this one is close: Joy in a Challenging Environment.

    A person who finds himself in a challenging environment is likely to find it difficult to maintain happiness. But he will still be able to create moments of joy throughout each day.

    Moments of joy add up. The more joyful moments you experience, the easier it will be to create even more moments of joy. And when you think about your life, these moments of joy will automatically come to your mind.

    -Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

    Also, according to Rabbi Pliskin, you are what you focus on.


    1. Thank you for sharing that, James. Rabbi Pilskin’s encouragement is beautiful. And so true! The pink blossoms on a tree in my front yard brought me a moment of joy as I wait to go in for a CT scan.


      1. Cultivate the soul with hope; teach it to await the break of dawn with longing eyes.

        Through its ordeals, the soul is softened to absorb the rains. Yet, nevertheless, Spring comes for those that long for it.

        -Rabbi Tzvi Freeman


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