31 Days of Brave: Ur


Gentle Reader,

I’m working through the She Reads Truth: Women in the Bible plan right now, and the focus is on Sarai. There are so many things I’d like to know about her. And Abram. How did Sarai react when Abram told her to pack up the house because they were moving…somewhere? How did Abram know that this really was the Voice of God? Did either one of them have any previous knowledge of or experience with the Lord? What about their neighbors and family members – did they laugh? Scoff? Reflect?

So many questions.

What strikes me most deeply is that Abram and Sarai couldn’t stay in Ur and be obedient to God. The two things were totally opposed. Even though bravery can mean staying, like we talked about yesterday, it can also mean that you get your gear and go. No matter how it feels. No matter what other people say.

And really, that’s the call of God. Move forward, into the unknown, and trust that He is there. He issues that challenge to His children every day. The specifics look different for each of us, but we’re all on the same journey, putting that one small foot in front of the other, believing that He’ll reveal the path before us. It doesn’t have to be a physical leaving. It can be walking away from bitterness, gossip, our own plans.

We start out in Ur, but we’re not meant to stay there.

My journey to faith. (15)

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Brave: Ur

  1. Ur? Errr… Oh, Ur. Sorry. When I got the email notice of your new blog post, the first thing I thought of when I saw the title was “Errr…” the sound people make when they’re undecided. Must be an indicator that I need more coffee. Carry on. Nothing more to see here. 😉



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