31 Days of Brave: Vent


Gentle Reader,

One of the dogs used the office as his personal commode yesterday.

Whoever the culprit was (and I have my suspicions) had no excuse. The doggy door was open. The porch light was on. He could have gone out, done his business and come back inside before he even got cold. He could have used the well-lit, approved pathway. Instead, he took a shortcut, a shortcut that made a mess.

This made me think. There are times when I get so angry about something that I genuinely do need to vent. That happens to all of us; we have to let off a little steam before the pressure gets too great and we explode. Trouble is, we often choose inappropriate places and people to dump on. I’m all for processing whatever situations, thoughts or emotions need to be processed, but I think that we’re not cautious enough in how we do that. At least, I haven’t been.

Half the time I don’t even know what I’m thinking or feeling until I’ve gotten some of the confusion and junk out of the way. So I think I’m going to start doing my venting into the ear of God. He is truly the only One that we can really let it all hang out with. He’s the only One who isn’t going to turn around and repeat what was said. (I’m not even talking malicious gossip here. We’ve all opened our mouths and shared what shouldn’t have been shared on accident). He can give us the grace and perspective we need to deal with whatever it is that needs dealing with.

Bravery doesn’t run from reality, but it does grapple with that reality in the arms of God first.

My journey to faith. (15)

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