Further Ponderings


Gentle Reader,

First, thank you. The comments that ya’ll have left on the previous two posts have been a real blessing. Your encouragement means so much to me. Isn’t it cool how the Lord brings strangers (and some not-so-strangers) together when we need each other most?

Second, a question. What are you passionate about?

I’ve been thinking about that for awhile now, and have come up with this so far:

1. Social justice, particularly in the realm of sex trafficking. It makes me SICK to know that little girls are used and abused by grown men who should know far, far better.

2. Spiritual truth. The umbrella of Christian orthodoxy is wide enough to accommodate differing views on certain issues; things like the nature of tongues, the means God will use to heal illness and the great Calvin vs. Arminius debate are all up for consideration. Things like the Triune nature of God, the Incarnation of Christ and the Atonement are not. I realize that some of you will be offended at my next assertion, but I can’t avoid it. Mormons are not Christians. Neither are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Or Moonies. Or so many others. My heart aches for the people trapped within these cults and my soul burns with indignation at the lies.

3. Real equality for women. Call me a feminist if you want. I just can’t grasp the whole completementarian argument with its attendant insistence upon subordination within the Trinity. I don’t see that in Scripture. Nor do I understand why a woman should make less money than a man if they are doing the same job. Yet I don’t stand with what passes for equality today. Women serving lattes at coffee stands while clad in bikinis are just as objectified and belittled as their foremothers. There is no “liberation” in choosing to play the game.

4. Stewardship. I was taught to take care of what I had, even if it was second-hand. While I recognize that it’s easy to get trapped in the “what do people think of me?” hole when it comes to housekeeping and yard work, I do think that it’s important to practice proper stewardship in the home. There are variations of clean, depending on the person, but things like keeping up on the dishes and making the bed are simple, quick tasks that help to create a comfortable, peaceful environment. Everyone functions better when home feels safe.

5. Maturity. My generation seriously lacks it.

These areas cover a lot of potentially controversial ground, which leaves me with the suspicion that, if I could get past the social anxiety, I’d be a lot more confrontational. We’re taught to keep the waters smooth, the sailing peaceful. But maybe sometimes it shouldn’t be. Maybe sometimes the boat needs to rock and we need to be jolted out of our stupor.



One thought on “Further Ponderings

  1. I am passionate about being a “professional organizer” but have not found the time to establish my own business because I am having a BLAST at the Center for Women and Children 3x/week!



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