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Gentle Reader,

I broke up with my gallbladder last year.

We had intense, irreconcilable issues.

It’s amazing, the pain that one tiny little organ can cause. It’s also amazing how the lack of that organ changes everything related to eating. Used to love peanuts, almonds and pistachios. Can’t stand the sight of them now. Couldn’t handle yogurt a few months ago. Now it’s my best friend. Something that I usually love, like fresh, cool tuna salad, can quite suddenly look as appealing as mud without warning.

The biggest change has to do with the way I feel if I go too long without eating. The sensation is basically like having a stomach flu with an added dose of dizziness  Worst part? Fighting the dry heaves.

Pardon the TMI.

I got busy at work today and neglected to eat my snack, so by the time lunch rolled around, I was well on my way to hours of feeling icky (which is just now fading). The weakness in my knees and hands, something I have long known to be a warning of low blood sugar, should have prompted me to take care of things before lack-of-gallbladder kicked in, but I kept pushing the feeling aside.

I’ll get it in a minute.

Flawed thinking. Need to deal with it NOW.

So, too, anxiety. I let it build. One little thing on top of another. One comment, one deadline, one news broadcast. Soon I’m bubbling over with fears and sorrow; my mind lurches along, trying to cleanse itself. This is death. The mind ruled by the Spirit is the mind that faces up to and deals with the fears NOW. In the safety of His arms.

My journey to faith. (15)


4 thoughts on “Immediately

  1. I love this! breaking up is hard to do depending on what you are breaking up with. I would like to break up with my nose/sinuses and allergies. Ahhh the results of childhood swimming in who knows what kind of water; water I would never put my toe in now.


  2. My DEAR friend,

    Everything that happens to us; ALL of the Crosses; large to tiny are eith From God or permitted BY God for tow reasons:

    1. His POSSIBLE Glorification

    2. Our POSSIBLE sactification

    BOTH are only possiblely accomplished when we choose to offer up what ever God places in our “path to Him” for a worthy purpoase, or someone else in need.

    When God ask alot He also GIVES alot in return.

    Isa.43 Verses 7and 21: “every one who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” AND the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise.”

    Matt. 13:12 Matt.13 ” For to him who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. ”

    Pray much and I sahll pray with you,



  3. I relate to your thoughtful post in the practical sense of managing chronic migraine – skipping or delaying meals is inviting trouble. Eating properly is no guarantee of staving off an attack, but it definitely won’t help if I don’t.

    I like the way you’ve connected the practical concern for the body with the need to stay in the moment with the Spirit! This has been an issue for me as well.

    In in the last day or so, it has occured to me that (speaking only for myself) there is, at the root of my anxieties and chattering mind, a lack of humility. If I were truly humble – God-graced humble – I would not be placing myself in the center of that maelstrom of fuss. I would be at peace, trusting, knowing. May God overcome me.




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