31 Days in the Quiet: Change


Gentle Reader,

I found out today that my boss is retiring. While some may rejoice to find themselves in a similar situation, I find it completely unacceptable. She is a large part of what makes my job interesting and enjoyable. Knowing that I like to learn new things and appreciate a challenge, she has found ways to keep me occupied and connected throughout the near-decade I have worked with her. She has always been gentle, thoughtful and kind.

Needless to say, I panicked. Next Wednesday will be her last day, and none of us in my department are clear as to who will be taking her place. How do you fill the shoes of someone who has been intimately involved with the daily operations of a library district for 30+ years? There are a couple of immediate possibilities, one very good and the other quite bad.

If the quite bad outcome occurs, what will I do? I’ve fretted about this all day. And then I remembered the “mind your own business” portion of this month’s focal passage. Borrowing trouble does me no good. Imagining all possible scenarios and preparing a reaction is useless. All I can do is continue to do the work set before me. I am in God’s hands, whatever comes.

My journey to faith. (15)

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