31 Days in the Quiet: Shower


Gentle Reader,

Being aware and appreciative in each moment requires a certain level of intent that I simply don’t have in the morning. Alarms inflict torture. Cold floors on warm feet make me cranky. Let’s not even get into what curly hair looks like after a night of tossing and turning.

As I groggily pushed the blankets back and pushed myself up, I was fully prepared to greet this day with my usual grumpiness.

Then I got into the shower.

I’ve never thought about how good it feels. The hot water poured onto my aching joints and loosened the knots in my shoulders. I took a deep breath of steam and felt the sleepy fog clear. Pouring body wash onto the bright purple pouf, I watched as crystal drops interacted with clean, fresh soap and suds, full of rainbows, formed. Sweet-smelling shampoo and conditioner revived my hair until the next wash, in a few days. I bent and twisted, marveling at the nature of skin; how it protects the organs, how its oils cause water to bead and roll away.

What little, joyous, everyday wonders I miss when I reject the quiet life.

My journey to faith. (15)

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4 thoughts on “31 Days in the Quiet: Shower

  1. I committed to a month of focus on joy in June. What a difference it makes in attitude and power and grace. Glad you are making that same discovery. Enjoy and embrace everything God brings forth this month.


  2. I think your series topic is definitely needed in today’s busy frenetic life. I like that you found reflection even in a shower. It’s the little things really …. Think what blessings showers are especially to those who do not have an opportunity to take one?


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