28 on 28

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Gentle Reader,

Beginning next week we dive into what are commonly referred to as the Five Solas. Today, however, we take a break from meatier fare. It’s my birthday! Today I officially enter that quick slide toward 30 – and I’m okay with that. The few fine lines and the many white hairs that have graced me aren’t bothersome. While I do have a lasting affection for Peter Pan and have worked at maintaining childlike aspects, growing older is pretty nice. I’m glad that I’m here to see another year. Thus, the following list of 28 things that I have come to embrace over the course of 28 years:

1. Jesus loves me. This I know. Psalm 139.

2. I love Him more today than I did yesterday.

3. Learning doesn’t have to be fun. Some of the most lasting lessons are the hard ones.

4. Curly hair is a good thing.

5. So are brown eyes.

6. Sleeping next to my husband is entertaining.

7. I’m not perfect.

8. My family isn’t perfect.

9. My friends aren’t perfect.

10. Babies are hilarious.

11. I am attracted to neurotic dogs.

12. It’s important to find beauty in each day.

13. It’s also important to laugh.

14. And to shrug off mistakes.

15. “Mary Poppins” is still my favorite movie.

16. I really need to go back to London.

17. Soft sweatpants and tank tops are essential.

18. It’s time to start writing that book. The one I keep dreaming about but have been too afraid to begin.

19. My husband is amazing.

20. I have no desire to do anything crafty. Other people can knit, sew, cook, etc. I am happy to purchase the fruit of their labors!

21. Nail polish contributes greatly to my happiness.

22. Going to counseling was one of the best decisions I ever made.

23. I can’t do all the things that other people can do. I can’t pretend to have the energy to run here, there and everywhere. I can only do what God made me to do. That’s enough.

24. People who truly love you don’t expect you to please them all the time. Those who do have this expectation don’t really want to be pleased.

25. I am hyper-organized. This calms me.

26. Chocolate.

27. I don’t have to be everyone’s best friend.

28. Books.

and a bonus:

29. Drink lots of water, take vitamins, establish a sleep schedule. In other words, taking care of myself means that I can help take care of other people. God never asked me or anyone else to play the martyr game.

May you have a blessed day, dear reader! Feel free to share some things about yourself in a comment. I would love to get to know you better.

My journey to faith. (15)


8 thoughts on “28 on 28

  1. I wish I would have done this…..but turning 30 wasn’t fun.

    3. Learning is always fun.
    4. Truth
    5. Double Truth
    13. Triple Truth
    18. DO IT!
    26. Eww
    29. You sound like an 80’s version of Hulk Hogan 😉


  2. You are the only other person I know whose favorite movie is Mary Poppins. I marvel at you, and you make me so incredibly happy. Like Dr. Seuss said, “you are the youiest you.”

    Maybe it’s just the fact that there’s no “poop in the brownies” like with so many other movies nowadays. It’s pure and plain and simple, but underneath the childlike message and the clever and polite British humor, there is such a rich and wonderful string of metaphors woven into the chillingly beautiful songs and conversations. It may be boring and rose-colored to some people, but for me it’s a wonderful reminder of what life would be like if everyone didn’t have to be the no-nonsense, has-it-all-together adults that we think we need to be.

    I love the fact that, as a chimney sweep, Jesus shook hands with us and good luck rubbed off. Or that Jesus is the woman who sits by Saint Peter’s Cathedral and feeds the birds, and everyone passes by and takes no notice, and all the while he’s just caring for the poor little ones and tells us to do the same. Or that we’re like Burt and Jesus is like Mary Poppins, and He’s the only one who can let us jump into the sidewalk drawing. Makes me cry like a baby, that stuff does.

    Actually, it’s my second-favorite movie, right after The Prince of Egypt. But still.

    And yeah, happy birthday.

    Weird to think, and it may be just a weird genetic thing, but my mom found a gray hair on me yesterday…

    -Abstract Thinker


      1. I tend to do that with every movie I watch. Plot twists become theological analogies, and I find myself painting pictures of Jesus in every movie or book or song that I consume. It’s addicting once you get into the habit, even to the point of it coming out in your prayers. I think God loves those kinds of analogies; is He not the Creator of creativity itself?

        I absolutely loved your series on how you became a Christian, partially because, though I’m only sixteen, I can still relate in many many ways. I admire your blog and the faith that it screams despite the honest doubts and heartaches that come with living life in this messy world.



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