What Depression Means to Me: Even Though I Walk Through the Darkest Valley


Gentle Reader,

Today was one of those “breakthrough” days. In the last few minutes of my counseling session, I shouted, “I just want to stand up for myself!”

So, my counselor made me stand up.

She told me to say what I wanted to say as if I were saying it to the person I was afraid of.

“I’m not a failure,” I whispered, a big, ol’ ugly cry rising to the surface.

“That didn’t sound very strong. Take a deep breath.”

I did. She told me to repeat it.

“I’m not a failure,” I said, this time with a firmness I didn’t know I had. Oh, it felt good! “I’m not a failure.”

“And what is God saying to you?”

Here I had to grab a handful of tissues as every facial orifice burst forth with the dam’s break. Took me awhile to hear the sweet, gentle voice of the Mighty Savior.

“It’s okay,” I hiccuped. “He’s telling me it’s okay.”

My journey to faith. (15)

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2 thoughts on “What Depression Means to Me: Even Though I Walk Through the Darkest Valley

  1. Wow, Marie. WOW! I’m so excited for you, especially as I’ve been following your latest posts and seeing the inner depths of your heart. This is awesome. God is at work in you. He is DELIGHTED with you, dear!


  2. It has been said that “God doesn’t make junk”!

    But WE dear friend EXCEED THIS truthful statement by inexpressible bounds>

    Gen 1:26-27 Tells Us that WE: ALL OF US; are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of the VERY god who created us and keeps us in existence!

    God cannot lie! You are PRECIOUS, Special and 100% UNIQUE.

    In the entire history of humanty there never WAS, and Never WILL BE another YOU!

    Allow God to love you and He WILL prove His Love Of and For you.


    Love and prayers,



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