United Kingdom Trip: Final Day in London

_UK Trip

Gentle Reader,

I can’t believe that we’ve really spent the last 6 (technically 5.5) days in London. The fact that the time has gone by so fast is simply unreal to me. Tomorrow, Bath, and then on to Edinburgh early Friday. We’re looking at the tail end of our trip, and it just doesn’t seem fair! In other ways, however, I am longing for home.

Today was positively perfect. We finished out absolutely everything and then some that we wanted to do in London. The British Museum was great icing on the cake. I can see why the guidebooks say that you can spend a whole day in there. As it was, once again there was too much for us to take in, and so we mostly just wandered. A few things got great amounts of attention from us, like the room containing bits from the Parthenon, the Egyptian mummies and the Sutton Hoo burial. But, really, how do you fit a few thousand years of historical artifacts into your mind? Perhaps most fascinating to me were the objects from Roman Britain. The combination of Celtic, Pictish and Roman artistic styles created a unique blend that can be seen down through today.

That was our final planned stop of our days in London. We spent the afternoon wandering a few markets; at the Camden market a Middle Eastern gentleman got upset with me when I refused to buy the coat he insisted was perfect for me. Whatever. We had better luck in the Protobello Road area. Gap jeans for Chris and a Topshop dress for me, rounding out at 4 pounds. Can’t beat that. Finally sat down to a proper English tea and not-so-proper gelato. Both were quite scrumptious…

…except, now my stomach is rebelling. I think, perhaps, I am simply not used to eating out so much. Not sleeping regularly doesn’t help, either, but that’s okay. We’ll sleep when we get home.



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