What I Wish Christians Understood About Anxiety


Gentle Reader,

I suppose I’ve always been the melancholy sort. Glass half-full. Everything
that can go wrong will go wrong. Even as a child it was difficult for me to
see the bright side. Instead my eyes were drawn to unseen fears and terrors.

One moment stands out in a lifetime of moments. The night before a
standardized test, I broke out in a rash all over my body. I was so afraid
of failing. No matter what my parents did or said to reassure me, the fear
squeezed my heart tightly. Six years old and already full of dread….

My blogging buddy Anita Ojeda is hosting a series in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. I’m over at her place today, sharing some of my experiences. Head on over to check it out – and then stay awhile. The other stories are well worth reading.

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