Five Minute Friday: Happy

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Gentle Reader,

Tonight, we celebrate.

Two years ago, just after I joined the FMF crew, our beloved Kate Motaung took over hosting duties from the equally-beloved Lisa-Jo Baker. Week after week, she dreams up prompts for us to tackle. She gives us space to be silly or serious, shallow or substantive. She encourages us to let the words flow. She is our cheerleader. She prays for us, most of whom she’s never even met. She buys ice cream specifically for consuming during the Twitter party. She threads running jokes throughout every chat. Her words move us to think, to laugh, to worship God.

She is our Fearless Leader.

Kate, we love you.


Oh, emotions.

I hate them.

Give me the world of the mind. I love it there. Ask me about my feels regarding a particular person or thing and I many times I have to stop, sit down and think about how to put the feels into words. (People find this odd because I admit to being anxious, but I guess I don’t view anxiety as an emotion. It’s a constant). Some can create masterpieces with their emotions. I’m more of a finger-painter.

What makes me happy?

Reading the Bible. The smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies. The way Benny’s tongue hangs out of his mouth when he sleeps. Chris’ laugh. My mom’s spaghetti because it tastes like home. New books. Praying. Watching the wind blow through the trees. My dad’s extremely dry sense of humor. The way Blue curls his long wiener dog body into a ball when he’s laying on the couch. Scarves. Boots. Autumn. Being best friends with my brother. Pride and Prejudice. My “Messy Mondays” Bible study group. Candles. Organizing things. Purging clutter. Painting my toenails. Learning something new. Spending time with close, trusted friends. Pausing to listen to voices raised in praise during church. Being part of the chaplaincy team at the shelter. Oreos dipped in milk. Saturday nights at home with my husband and my dogs and a good movie or Netflix binge session. Grace. Forgiveness. The promise of Eternity.

And this, right here.


I am happiest when I’m tapping the keys or dragging the pen across the page. Even when I’m sad or angry. When I write, I am completely myself. And when I’m writing on theology, I feel the Holy Spirit all happy inside me.

Happiness gets the side-eye in Christian circles. It’s not “holy” or whatever. When I read the Bible, I see a whole lot of God and man together in happiness. Yes, life is hard and trials are a sure thing. But doesn’t God make you happy? Just being with Him? Knowing Him? Sitting with Him?

It makes me happy.


My journey to faith. (15)

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