Five Minute Friday: Reach

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Gentle Reader,

Linking up with Kate and the Five Minute Friday crew. We: reach.


God can be elusive. Certainly, He’s there to be found. He makes Himself completely plain to us. And yet He retains mystery. He continually draws us in.

We reach for the depth of God. For something to definitively grab on to. But even the things we know, the sure things, like truth and grace and Jesus’ blood and Resurrection, ever-reveal new elements of themselves. New ways by which they impact our lives.

Our skin brushes the hem of God’s robe, just as the bleeding woman’s did. We hold on for a moment, and then He pulls away. The robe leaves a clear trail to follow. He walks forward a bit. Beckons us to take a step and reach again. To go deeper. Sometimes higher. Sometimes lower.

God is dynamic. He is not content to leave us sitting in one place for too long. There are things we need to know, things we need to feel, things we need to have stripped away. So He shines the light on the next part of the path. A treasure, half-hidden, glints briefly, just at the outer limit of our peripheral vision. We are intrigued by it. We must know what it is.

The Lord moves us always forward on this journey. He pulls from ahead. He pushes from behind when we are tempted to quit. He reaches out His awesome, nail-pierced hand and rolls the fingers forward toward the palm.

“Come,” He says.

Through time and eternity He reaches out. He stretches to meet us.

He enables us to meet Him.

To reach Him.

The greatest truth.

The greatest mystery.


My journey to faith. (15)