For the Children

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Gentle Reader,

The political situation in the Middle East is a tangled mess, and I blame Islam for that. Call me any name you want, but all the wars over there? All the oppression? The poverty? The rampant anti-woman violence? The gassing of innocent bystanders? The lack of education? The fear? The suspicion? The hatred?

All in the name of Allah, my friend.

All in the name of Allah.

My stomach turns to think of the millions of refugees pouring into already-crowded camps. My heart aches to think of the United States going into another war that is impossible to win and will never end this side of Eternity. The faces of the children haunt me. They did not ask for this. They do not understand things such as alliances, sacred law and holy war. They do not know that the conflict is rooted in thousands of years of brutality. All they know is that their fathers and brothers are gone, fighting. Or dead. All they know is that they can’t live at home anymore.

We cannot turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the suffering. Unfortunately, most Christian organizations are barred from overtly operating in explicitly Islamic countries. At this point, the best avenues I can find for giving is the United Nations Refugee Agency and UNICEF. I know that money is tight for many of us, but these people, especially these children, have it so much worse.

Let’s extend our hands in compassion.

My journey to faith. (15)